Air dome Project

An Air dome is an inflatable structure which offers the perfect solution when it is impossible to perform activities in the open air. Changing weather conditions don't allow sport activities thought the all the year, that is why many of investors ask to cover their sports areas.

Air dome is perfect solution to keep sports facilities active regardless of outside weather. Air dome offer the advantage of quick erection and the possibility of permanent or seasonal use, as the air dome can be quickly dismantled. Air domes are always cost effective! This is possible due the fact that air supported structures do not require concrete, steel or wooden supporting construction. Air is only supporting system provide the amount of clear span space needed for. The short investment cycle involved and air dome long durability ensure high profitability. The special design of air domes gives consumers the same level of comfort they are used to with traditional sports buildings.

Examples are, therefore, covering tennis courts, swimming pools, football fields, basketball court, etc. Countless covered industrial applications are also possible.

Benefits are :

  • Complete weather protection of the venue
  • Easy installation
  • Fast Assembling
  • Quick dismantling
  • Easy relocation
  • Big clear span
  • Price performance value of the dome
  • Long life expectancy

With our innovative ideas, technical competence and management techniques, we are proud to provide quality services in the general contracting industry in Saudi Arabia.

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In General contracting we are able to provide construction work related to civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

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