Chemicals,Cleaning Products,Hoses,Ropes & Tapes
  • Paint WD40,Araldite
  • Paint Thinners Spray Paints,Gasket Shellac
  • FEVICOL,Steel Epoxy, Contact Adhesive (Urgent Glue) Developer,
  • Penetrant & Cable Clean (CRC)
  • Cotton Rags (Colour & White) Chamois Leather
  • Dust Bins,PVC Buckets & Rubber Buckets
  • PVC Mope Buckets,Hand Cleaners
  • Brooms & Brushes (Soft & Hard)
  • Floor Care Machinery, Equipment & Accesories
  • Air Hoses Hydraulic Hose PVC Delivery Hose PVC
  • Suction Hoses
  • Acetylene & Oxygen Hoses H/D Hose Clip &
  • Jubilee Clips Twin Hoses, Gas Hose
  • Water Level Hoses Garden Hoses
  • Polythene Ropes, Wire Ropes (Steel & S.S)
  • Masking Tapes,Duct Tapes,Clear & Brown Tapes Aluminum Tapes,Electrical Insulation Tapes


With our innovative ideas, technical competence and management techniques, we are proud to provide quality services in the general contracting industry in Saudi Arabia.

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In General contracting we are able to provide construction work related to civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

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Fahad AL-Ajmi Co.

Haii Taibah 17(B) St.-Building #2409
P.O Box 8220
Jubail Industrial City -35514
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel.No. + 966 13 3443141
Fax.No. +966 13 3443141


Fahad Abdullah AL-Ajmi 
General Manager
Fahad AL-Ajmi Co. 
Mob: 00966-50-591 0021